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Thread Lock PURPLE Low Strength Vibra-Tite 10ml

Loctite Vibra-Tite Low Strength

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  • Loctite Vibra-Tite Low Strength
Thread Lock PURPLE Low Strength Vibra-Tite 10ml

SKU: 11110 Low Strength thread lock



Low Strength Thread Lock


Product Description VIBRA-TITE 111 is a low strength, anaerobic thread locking compound. VIBRA-TITE 111 is designed to stop fasteners from loosening due to shock and vibration. The product performs on aluminum, steel, plated, stainless steel, and special alloy parts.

The cure speed is depended on temperature and substrate.

Performance of Cured Material Typical Values
Fixture Time 15-20 min @ 72oF
Full Cure Time 24 hrs @ 72oF
Temperature Range -60oF to 300oF (-51oC to 150oC)
Breakaway Strength 3/8” Plain Steel nut and bolt @24 hr 140-300 lbf-in

General Information
Storage Product should be stored in a cool and dry location at temperatures between -10 °C to 30 °C. Optimal storage is 22±4°C.
Shelf life is 18 months from date of manufacture when stored at 22±4°C.
Note Vibra-TITE 131 lubricates during assembly and results in medium to high locking strength. Not recommended for use with most plastics as stress cracking can occur. Excellent environmental and chemical resistance. Product conforms

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