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Tormek SE-76 Square Edge Jig

SE-76 Square Edge Jig

Tormek SE-76 Square Edge Jig

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Tormek SW-76 Square Edge Jig

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With the Tormek jig for square edges, SE-76, you sharpen your wood chisels and plane irons with the highest precision. The jig easily aligns the chisel to its upper and flat side which position the edge parallel to the surface of the stone. Safety stops included.

You set the edge angle by adjusting the Micro Adjust on the Universal Support.

The patented SE-76 is an upgraded version of the original Tormek jig SVH-60. This improved construction automatically lines up the chisel to its upper and flat side, so it mounts correctly and grinds corners at 90°.

SE-76 also has safety stops that prevent the tool from gliding off the grindstone. There is no risk that you will hurt your fingers when sharpening. The jig fits wood chisels and plane irons up to 76 mm (3"). It can also handle chisels with a tapered shank.

The SE-76 lines up the chisel in the jig to its upper and flat side. Thanks to the shoulder it is easy to mount the tool correctly at 90°.

Design: The jig (1) comprises an upper base with a lower clamp and two locking knobs for fixing the tool. The jig slides on the Universal Support on nylon bushings across the grindstone. The edge angle is set with the Micro Adjust (4) on the Universal Support (5).

There are two safety stops to prevent the tool from slipping off the stone when grinding. One inner stop (2) to be positioned according to the width of the tool and one outer stop (3) mounted on the end of the Universal Support.

The lower clamp has a ridge in the center enabling shorter tools with a tapered shank to be firmly mounted, e.g. Japanese chisels. The upper base, which lines up the tool, is designed so the clamping pressure is distributed to the ends and the tool mounts firmly without a heavy tightening of the knobs.

The jig is designed for grinding towards the edge with the Universal Support placed vertically and for honing away from the edge with the Universal Support placed horizontally.

Please note: When using the SE-76 jig with T-3 or T-4, you must hone without the jig since space is limited.

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