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Sharpener Oval Ceramic Sharpening Rod 9"

Sharpener Oval Ceramic Sharpening Rod 9"

Sharpener Oval Ceramic Sharpening Rod 9"

SKU: SS-SP-50002



Smith’s new 9” Oval Ceramic Sharpening Rod is designed to quickly sharpen all your standard kitchen and household cutlery. Unlike conventional steels, which only re-align the cutting edge, the Smith’s Oval Ceramic Sharpening Rod hones and re-aligns the cutting edge at the same time. It comes with an oversized hand guard for comfort and safety and hang up ring for easy accessibility. The non-slip rubber tip on the end of the sharpening rod protects your countertop from scratching and provides stability when sharpening. 

features & benefits

Manual Features:

  • Hones and Re-aligns Straight Edges
  • Oversized Safety Guard
  • Non-Slip Rubber Tip

Abrasive:  Fine Ceramic - 800 Grit

care & use

Sharpening Instructions:

Caution: Always do an equal number of strokes on each side to ensure the sharpest edge possible. Only sharpen on the oval surface, not othe edge of the rod.

  1. Hold handle of sharpener in one hand and knife in the other hand. Place the plastic tip on the end of the sharpener on a flat, solid surface. Apply sufficient downward pressure on the sharpener, so it wil not slip during the sharpeing process.
  2. Place heel of your knife blade at the top of the sharpening rod at a preferred angle (20 degrees recommended). With consistent downward pressure, push the knife down the rod while pulling the knife towards you from the heel to tip of the blade.
  3. Repeat step 2 on the the other side of knife blade
  4. Repeat steps 2 & 3 until knife is sharp.


Always clean your sharpening rod after use. With use, the surface of the Oval Ceramic Sharpening Rod will begin to fill with metal particles, thus reducing its abrasive quality. To clean the rod, simply scrub in warm water using a mild brush and a kitchen cleansing powder. After cleaning, always dry your sharpener before storing.

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