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INSTA-FLEX Cyanoacrylate 1 Oz

INSTA-FLEX Cyanoacrylate 1 Oz

INSTA-FLEX Cyanoacrylate 1 Oz


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Made in the USA


  • Flexible thin CA is ideal for many applications, including the installation of CA hinges.
  • When cured, INSTA-FLEX? does not turn brittle and remains clear, even if accelerated with INSTA-SET?.
  • It has superior shock resistance.
  • Note that this bottle is a full ounce in size. Most of the Ca's you buy at the store are a fraction of an ounce for just a buck or so less.

Although not as thin in consistency as INSTA-CURE?, INSTA-FLEX? still has good penetrating qualities and its application can be easier to control. For CA hinges, we recommend drilling a 1/16" hole in the center of the hinge slots to insure the complete saturation of the hinge when INSTA-FLEX? is applied. INSTA-FLEX? has a different, less irritating odor compared to regular CA's, but still can not be used on white foam. INSTA-FLEX? has also proven to be superior when bonding anodized aluminum.

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