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Norton Abrasive Belt U243 2"x72" X22 (P1000)

Norton Abrasive Belt U243

Norton Abrasive Belt U243 2"x72" X22 (P1000)




Norton U243 2"x72" 22X


New, fine 3D tri-helical pattern

Engineered, high-performance micron-graded aluminum oxide abrasive

Heat-reducing grinding aid

Flexible J-wt backing


The pattern wears away consistently, exposing sharp abrasive grains to prolong cutting performance. Lasting 2-5X longer, with faster cut rate and consistency vs. conventional polishing belts.

Quickly removes grit scratches, part defects, and steps from the polishing process.

Prevents wild scratches, produces a more repeatable consistent finish from the first to the last part.

Cooler cutting ensure exceptional part integrity.  


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