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Evenheat Artisan 688 Oven Rampmaster Control 6"H x 8"W x 8"D 120v

Evenheat Artisan 688 Oven Rampmaster Control 6"H x 8"W x 8"D 120v

Evenheat Artisan 688 Oven Rampmaster Control 6"H x 8"W x 8"D 120v

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Artisan 688 Oven     8” W x 6” H x 8” D


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Artisan 688:
The Artisan 688 is designed to be compact and fast. The 688 is engineered for the artist making mokume, pocket folding blades, or jewelry. It’s also perfect for customer jewelers and small machine shops that require heat treating for prototype or small part production runs.



8” W x 6” H x 8” D

40 lbs shipping weight

120 volts, 12 amps, 1440 watts, NEMA 6-15P plug

Max temp on the Artisan oven is 2000F


Cool-touch handle

Attractive powder coat finish

Corner mounting technique

Standard household plug

Hard floor insert

Embedded heating elements

Vented chamber with plug

Side opening Door

Your choice of the Rampmaster control or the Set-Pro control



120V Voltage Option

230V Voltage Option


Controller Information:

The Rampmaster has been a preferred control for many heat treaters. The Rampmaster differs from the standard Set-Pro in that is allows for up to 12 programs and uses a numerical keypad for data entry.

The Rampmaster uses the Custom Mode for all programming and contains a variety of On-the-Fly adjustments and special menu functions designed for fine tuning.

Custom Mode Programming: Develop your own heat treating programs using the Custom Mode. Custom Mode allows you to determine your specific temperature rates, set points and hold times. Custom Mode Programming offers 12 individual programs. Each of the 12 programs allows for up to 32 segments. All On-the-Fly features such as adding time and temperature to holds and skipping ahead are available.

12 Custom Mode Programs: The Rampmaster allows you to save up to 12 Custom Mode programs in memory indefinitely and can be recalled for use or modification at any time.

Numerical Keypad for Data Entry: The keypad makes it easy for you to key in your data.

Alarm Features: The Beginning of Process Alarm alerts you when the temperature has reached the process temperature soak/hold period. And the End of Process Alarm alerts you when the process temperature soak/hold period has ended and it’s time to remove your material.

General Temperature Alarm: This alarm feature allows you to determine the temperature when the alarm sounds.

View Segment Feature: While running the Rampmaster control tells you basic information of the current temperature. This feature lets you see more information about your program.

32 Segments per Program: The Rampmaster allows you to use up to 32 segments for each Custom Mode program.

More Features: The Rampmaster has many more features including a delay start, PC compatibility, error diagnostics and many related menu and viewing options.

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