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Disc BEVELED 9" Aluminum t-6061 5/8" bore for Disc Grinders BEVE

Disc BEVELED 9" Aluminum t-6061 5/8" bore for Disc Grinders BEVE

Disc BEVELED 9" Aluminum t-6061 5/8" bore for Disc Grinders BEVE

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9" Aluminum Disc for Disc Grinder - BEVELED


  • CNC machined from a solid billet of aircraft Aluminum 6061-T6.  
  • 5/8" bore with a 3/16 keyway and set screw for standard motor shafts
  • Accepts a standard 9" X 11" sheet of abrasive.
  • Flat face or beveled face
  • Note on the beveled disc face. This disc has a 1degree bevel milled into the face. What this does is when you are grinding a blade on one side of the disc, the other side does not get snagged by the opposite side of the disc. I have both and can use both. I vastly prefer the beveled. The question every one asks is: "When you mount a PSA disc or cut a 9"x11" sheet of sandpaper ( I only use 9"x11" sheets trimmed to fit - it's way cheaper) doesn't the paper pucker or buckle or over lap? How can it be flat against the face plate?"

    The answer is that 1 degree doesn't matter to the paper. It is perfectly flush with no ripples, bubbles, overlaps or any of that. It is a very small bevel but it's just enough to clear the blade on the other side of the disc. Keep in mind you get 2degrees clearance on the "snagging" side (1 degree each side) when you are grinding. That's plenty.

    The second question is: "Doesn't that bevel leave sort of a hollow? It's not flat, it's a bevel after all." The answer is that it is as flat as the human hand can managed to grind anyway. There is an insanely small hollow ground affect. It calculates out to around 0.0005" across a 1.5" blade. Less than 1/2 of a thousand inch. A mere human can't hand grind something to that tolerance. It's flat enough. Look at the seams on any of my knives at . I use my beveled disc on all of those. It gets flat. no weld grinder sander plans kits parts contact wheels


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