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Wheel - Contact Wheel 2" POLY Idler Wheel 1/2" bore 70duro

Wheel - Contact Wheel 2" POLY Idler Wheel 1/2" bore 70duro

Wheel - Contact Wheel 2" POLY Idler Wheel 1/2" bore 70duro

SKU: GSGP-SR-Poly70Duro-2x2

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2" Polyurethane Contact and Idler wheel

  • This 2" contact wheel has 70 durometer Polyurethane.
  • This wheel has bearings that mount to a 1/2" shaft.
  • Use one or two for idler wheels for your platen attachment and for your slack sanding attachment in place of metal idler wheels. This allows you to do the occasional touch up to a contact wheel while using these specialized attachments.

I use contact instead of metal idler wheels on both my platen and slack wheel attachments of different sizes.

The difference between these Polyurethane wheels and the more expensive Beaumont Metal Works wheels we sell are: The poly wheels have a thinner tire. The Beaumont wheels have a tube insert inside the hub for slightly better registration on the mounting bolt. The Beaumont wheels are vulcanized rubber which has been proven by decades of use in this application.

The poly wheels are relatively new to this application but appear to be well suited. The Beaumont Metal Works rubber contact wheels are clearly the better quality wheels and are the way to go if you want top of the line performance. If you are on a budget, get the poly wheels.

2 wheels pictured for illustration only. You are ordering a single wheel.



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