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Gator Venom Wood Stabilizer 1 gallon w/ Bottle of Activator

Gator Venom Juice Wood Stabilizer

Gator Venom Wood Stabilizer 1 gallon w/ Bottle of Activator

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Gator Venom Wood Stabilizer

     - 1 Gallon Wood Stabilizer

     - 1 small bottle of activator. *Note: Activator must be stored at or below 70 degrees and not below 50 degrees, do not freeze.

Gator Venom Stabilizing Resin is a specially formulated two-part thermo setting resin designed for the stabilization of all types of materials. 

From Gator Venom: 


Gator Venom Resin is a result of ongoing research and development efforts by our in-house Engineers and Chemist to provide users with a superior stabilizing resin with outstanding properties.


The low viscosity of Gator Venom Stabilizing Resin ensures deep penetration with lower stabilizing cost per stabilized piece. Because Gator Venom is not re-packaged like other stabilizing products available to the custom craftsman, with proper storage and care, longer shelf life is assured.




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