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Wood - Amboyna Blocks - #61 - #70

Wood - Amboyna Blocks - #61 - #70

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Wood - Amboyna Blocks - #61 - #70

SKU: Wood - Amboyna Blocks - #61 - #70

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Wood - Amboyna Blocks - #61 - #70

Wood - Amboyna Burl Block Stabilized - #64

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Wood - Amboyna Blocks - #61 - #70

Wood - Amboyna Burl Block Stabilized - #69



Amboyna Burl Blocks

Premium figure and contrast
Sizes Vary - Roughly 5" x 1.5" x 1" or larger

These are Premium, hand sorted Amboyna burl blocks. 
These blocks are each pictured and assigned a serial number. 

You are ordering by single blocks by Serial #.

Tip: Amboyna has a distinctive, wonderful odor when working with it.
To bring out the depth of the burl use tung oil. Stabilized wood helps fill in the pores of wood and reduces (but never eliminates completely) movement from temperature and humidity changes. Amboyna is a hard wood but the burls tend to move around quite a unless on stabilized. To further reduce movement and make this wood really POP use tung oil.  As you are sanding down to your final grit, apply tung oil liberally and allow it to soak in. I keep applying for 30 minutes. This will add a 3D look to the wood as the tung oil soaks in. Don't be afraid to fine sand when applying tung oil. You will only get a smoother finish. After applying for 30 minutes, expect some of this oil to weep back out over the next day or so. Just wipe this off or sand, wax and buff.

'Nuther Tip: Tung oil is a fantastic, tough finish but pure Tung oil also takes a long time to dry. I'd suggest using a prepared product that is mostly Tung Oil but also has some evaporants or even polyurethanes to help it cure faster. Any of the big name wood finishing products will have it. Just look for Tung Oil as the first, main ingredient, the rest is just there to help it cure quicker.

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