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G10 - McamG10(tm) 1/4" - Knife Handle Material

G10 - MCAM

G10 - McamG10(tm) 1/4" - Knife Handle Material


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G10 - MCAM

G10 - McamG10(tm) 1/4"x1.5"x6" pair of scales 5 color

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G10 - MCAM

G10 - McamG10(tm) 1/4"x12"x6" sheet 5 colors

G10 - MCAM

G10 - McamG10(tm) 1/4"x12"x12" Square 5 colors

G10 - MCAM

G10 - McamG10(tm) 1/4"x12"x24" Rectangle 5 colors




  • 5 layers repeating
  • Tan, Brown, OD Green, Black, and Forest Green

We had this G10 custom made for us. This G10 is meant to compliment the new Multicam(tm) developed for the Army in response to troop requests in Afghanistan. We used 5 layers of different colors in our version. Our McamG10 uses: Tan, Brown, OD green, Black and Forest Green.

**We used to purchase this with Ranger Green instead of Forest Green, but our supplier does not make the Ranger Green anymore.

MultiCam(tm) is a registered trademark. Our custom G10 handle material is called McamG10 and is not affiliated with MultiCam.

Note: in the picture you can see one side has tan and another side has ranger green. This is just how the 3/8" thick material came out. The 1/4" and 1/8" thick material have different "start" and "stop" exterior colors as the layers were built up to the required thicknesses.

The difference between Micarta and G10 is: Micarta is a high pressure laminate that (often) uses linen or canvas based fiber. G10 is an epoxy based high pressure laminate that used glass mat (think fiber glass) for the fiber base. G10 is tougher and more water resistant than Micarta.

Tip: This is glass based. Wear a respirator. Wear gloves when you are cutting it too. After cutting a bunch of it, I can feel several dozen little prickly glass threads in my hands.

Due to the layering process of the colors the top and bottom of the scale may be a different color. When gluing these to your tang be sure to glue the same sides in. If you do not your color layers will not look the same once you start shaping the handle material.

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