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G10 - Black 1/2" - Knife Handle Material

G10 - Black

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G10 - Black 1/2" - Knife Handle Material

SKU: HMG10-NP-Black-1/2

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G10 - Black

G10 - Black 1/2"x1.5"x6" pair of scales

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G10 - Black

G10 - Black 1/2"x6"x12" SHEET

G10 - Black

G10 - Black 1/2"x12"x12" Square

G10 - Black

G10 - Black 1/2"x12"x24" Rectangle



Black G10

Scales - pair
1/2" Thickness

*NOTE: If you purchase 12"x12" Or 12"x24" Sheet there could be a lead time depending on In Stock Quantities.

 The difference between Micarta and G10 is: Micarta is a high pressure laminate that (often) uses linen or canvas based fiber. G10 is an epoxy based high pressure laminate that used glass mat (think fiber glass) for the fiber base. G10 is tougher and more water resistant than Micarta.

Tip: I tried white buff, green buff, pink no scratch and then finally black buff compound. The black worked the best and left a nice, dark satin finish. The white was next best leaving a gloss shine but left the fiber with a slightly dirty look. The Pink no scratch just looked bad and the green chrome left a green tinge.

Tip: This is glass based. Wear a respirator. Wear gloves when you are cutting it too. After cutting a bunch of it, I can feel several dozen little prickly glass threads in my hands.

Another tip: In the picture you will see the buffed finish (black) and the raw finish. The raw finish actually looks fairly good and in this case was sanded to 240 grit. Nothing wrong with leaving it raw like this.

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