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Kirinite (TM)- Patriot - 1/8" Thick - Knife Handle Material

Kirinite (TM) - Patriot

Kirinite (TM)- Patriot - 1/8" Thick - Knife Handle Material

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Kirinite (TM) - Patriot

Kirinite (TM) Patriot 1/8"x1.5"x6" Scales Pair

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Kirinite (TM) - Patriot

Kirinite (TM) Patriot 1/8"x12"x6" SHEET

Kirinite (TM) - Patriot

Kirinite (TM) Patriot 1/8"x12"x12" Square

Kirinite (TM) - Patriot

Kirinite (TM) Patriot 1/8"x12"x24" Rectangle




This is a brand material called Kirinite (TM). It has very intense bright metal pearl coloring.  This material is a tough as Corian (TM). You can get matching pistol grips from Eagle Grips. It machines beautifully and is a pleasure to work with. Simply shape using typical wood working tools and methods, sand to 400 or 600 grit and give it a light buff to bring out a stunning, grippy finish.




*Note - if interested in panels - Panels are custom quoted via email or phone and are not listed on the web site. Pictured are a set of scale and a sheet, you are purchasing the item listed above.


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