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Loveless style fastener - Stainless

Loveless style fastener - Stainless

Loveless style fastener - Stainless


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Loveless Style Fastener

  • All Stainless
  • Made in the USA
  • .310 Diameter
  • 1.10 OAL
  • .160" Thread Diameter
  • 8-32 Thread

These Loveless style handle fasteners are stout.

NOTE: Multiple fasteners are shown for clarity. You are ordering by singles.

To use these:

  1. Drill a hole through all of your handle material (and tang) big enough for the screw to pass through. Use a clamp and make sure it doesn't move from the first to second holes.
  2. Using the first hole as a pilot hole, drill a larger hole 5/16" half way through your handle material.You can also use a counter bore but you probably won't need to.
  3. Thread one bushing on the screw and push it through the handle holes.
  4. Thread the second bushing on and tighten with pliars or screwdriver.
  5. You will have stainless sticking out from the handle. Grind this off and sand it flush to the surface material.

TIP: If you are using these on G10 or Micarta(tm), these can be a snug or even pound in fit. If you are using natural material such as wood, make sure the bushings are just a bit loose or eventually the stress will crack the handle material. The crack may not show up today or next week but it absolutely cause a crack over time.

TIP: You can "fill in" any gaps by mixing sanding dust from the handle material into epoxy and smearing it into the gaps. Mix in as much dust as possible. Your filler goop should be very thick.

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