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VToku2 Carbon Steel Clad in Stainless Steel - .200" x 2" x 12"

V-Toku2 Steel - Edge

VToku2 Carbon Steel Clad in Stainless Steel - .200" x 2" x 12"

SKU: METSM-TS-VToku2-.200x2x12

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V-Toku2 Carbon Steel Core Clad w/ Stainless Steel DPS Damascus

We received these in 4 foot bars. You are purchasing per foot. If you purchase a qty of 1 you will receive 12", if you purchase a qty of 2 you will receive 1 piece that is 24" long, etc.

V-Toku2 has very few impurities. V-Toku2 is an alloy steel with W/Cr's original characteristics. Due to the toughness of V-Toku2 this steel can be used at higher hardness levels, HRC 65 for cutlery knives and HRC 60 to 61 in sporting knives.

DPS = Depletion Prevention System

Heat treating information from Mastersmith Bill Burke:

Heat Treatment
Forging: Forge at 1100°C/2012°F. Do not forge below 1000°C/1832°F. You should anneal after forging. 
Annealing: Anneal at 830°C/1526°F. Cooling spped should not exceed 25°C/hr - 77°F/hr
Quenching: Austenitize at 800-840°C/1472-1544°F. Quench in fast oil, like Parks 50 (50°C/122°F) or water (25°C/77°F)
Tempering: Temper at 100-200°C (212-392°F) to desired hardness.

Annealed: Hrc 25
Hardened: Hrc 66.5
Sub-Zero: Hrc 67.0

Mastersmith Bill Burke's Heat Treatment Recommendation: After forging, thermal cycle blade a minimum of three times. Anneal at 1526°F, hold 30 minutes, then cool at 77°F per hour to 750°F. then air cool. Soak two hours at 1250°F then cool at 75°F per hour to 750°F, then shut off annealing oven and allow to cool in oven. Austenitize: heat blade to 1350°F, hold 30 minutes, then raise temperature to 1500°F and quench in fast oil. Hold at temp no more than 10 minutes before quenching. Temper two times for two hours (250°F ~65 Hrc) to bring steel to desired hardness.


Note: results may vary with hardening method and section size.


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