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Santoku Knife Blade Blank CPM154 HRA, 10.5" long, 6" blade, .11" thick

Santoku Knife Blade CMP154 HRA, 10.5" long, 6" blade, .11" thick

Santoku Knife Blade Blank CPM154 HRA, 10.5" long, 6" blade, .11" thick


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Santoku Knife Blade

10.5"OAL x 1.5"W

6" blade length

 .11" thick

 3qty - 3/16" Pin holes

Made in USA!


Note: this blade will need to be heat treated.

Heta Treat Inforamtion for CPM154

After a full speed ramp up to temperature, soak 45 minutes to an hour in the Evenheat Oven at 1950F degrees. Then the blades get placed – still in the foil – spine down – then flat - on a 1” aluminum plate. The second aluminum plate is placed on top and pressure is applied. We used to use weights for the pressure, but now we use clamps. You are looking for good firm contact. If you are thinking hydraulics you are thinking WAY too much pressure. After 2 minutes (or less) they will be hand cool, and ready to remove from the foil for cryogenics. They don’t have to go straight into cryo, but aim for something less than an hour from plate quenching. We use liquid nitrogen for cryo but dry ice in acetone will also do.  The household freezer is no use at all. They probably only need a couple hours in cryo, but we leave them overnight.

The next morning, they will be in the range of RHC63+. After warming to room temperature, they get tempered. We temper twice at 500F degrees for two hours each time – to get about RHC61. You can experiment for other hardness's but 61 is a very good target for these steels.


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