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Elmax KIT All Around 8" Knife Kirinite (TM) Toxic Green & Black

Elmax All Around Knife Kit

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  • Elmax All Around Knife Kit
  • Elmax All Around Knife Kit
Elmax KIT All Around 8" Knife Kirinite (TM) Toxic Green & Black

SKU: BBKB-AAK8-ToxGr&Blk-Elmax-KIT



Elmax KIT All Around 8" Knife Kirinite (TM) Toxic Green & Black


- 8.5" long Elmax steel blade (Unsharpened)

- Blade is 1/8" thick by 1" wide

- Hardened and ground with beautiful curve plunge

- Stainless Corby bolts to attach the handles for a lifetime tight handle

- 3/16" lanyard tube

- Made in the USA!

- Includes 7/8oz leather sheath

This knife kit has all parts made in the USA. We have the Blanks waterjet cut, double disc ground, and heat treated in the by vendors we have worked with for years.  The handle scales are rough 3D CNC milled for us. This kit also includes Corby bolts, a lanyard tube, and a 7/8oz leather sheath made here in house.

We have designed this kit so that everyone from beginner to expert can easily assemble a reliable, great looking knife.

To make a finished knife from this kit, you will need to attach the handle using 2 part epoxy, corby bolts, and lanyard tube. The edges of the blade are unfinished and shows some discoloration from heat treating. This will be removed when you sand the corbys and all edges of the handle flush after attaching them to the blade. Sand the handle to at least 400 grit before buffing. Sharpen the blade and you will have a finished knife. The leather sheath has not been dyed allowing you to leave it in its natural state or dye to your liking.

This All Around blade style can be used as a bushcraft, hunter, skinner, camp knife or just plain old All Around every day user. The Kirnite (TM) handle is toughened acrylic/poly mixture with a heavy dose of pearl powder thrown in. Holding the handle in bright light, you will see into the handle material and watch it moves and shimmers as you move it around. This handle material absolutely pops.

 ***Note: Picture of the finished knife has a logo etched on it. The blade that you will be receiving will not be etched.***


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