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DogBite *Balisong DB2 Kit Kirinite (TM) Patriot Liner Style Kit

DogBite *Balisong DB2 Kit Kirinite (TM) Patriot Liner Style Kit

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DogBite *Balisong DB2 Kit Kirinite (TM) Patriot Liner Style Kit

SKU: Bali Kit DB2-Patriot

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DB2 - Dog Bite 2 Balisong Knife Kit

Bali Knife Kit

  • Handle Scale Material: Kirinite (TM) Patriot
  • Handle Scale Material thickness is approximately 3/16"
  • .050" thick Titanium Scales - Liner style
  • 440C ground, heat treated blade with tang pins installed
  • Latch is fitted and drilled (tight)
  • Custom Sex bolt style blade and latch pivots
  • Custom Round Standoff's with detailed highlight grooves
  • PB Bushings and PB washers custom manufactured for this kit
  • TORX T6 Button Head screws included and sized
  • Handle length is 5 1/8" long
  • Tang tip to latch tip length is 5.5"
  • Handle width on latch end is .57" tapering to .4" on the pivot end
  • Thickness assembled is: .62"
  • Blade is .128" thick and 4.75" long tip to tang end
  • Tang pins are .125" in diameter
  • Screws used are 2-56 Button Head x 1/4" Thread Length TORX T6 drive
  • Weight (unfinished) is approximately 5.0oz for G10 or 4.3oz for Kirinite (TM)
  • All parts and materials other than Kirnite (TM) are Made in the USA. Kirinite (TM) is manufactured for us in Europe.


This is our second Bali Kit release. This is a "liner" version. Instead of a thick Titanium handles like on the DB1 kit, this version has .050" Titanium liners with 3/16" thick scales. Initially, we have 9 different materials and colors of scale material in the assortment. Quantities are limited on each and some colors or types of handle material will come and go as we go back for more.

The DB2 kit will be an even easier build than our DB1 kit with the same high quality fit and finish with out the dark side of drilling thick titanium. This kit will allow you to add bolsters or stack different handle materials for a completely custom look. This kit can be finished with sandpaper if you don't drill any holes. Keep in mind the blades are not sharpened on these. We leave that to you so you can use these as a trainer and then sharpen the blades when you are ready.

Our intent was to give knife makers a major leg up in completing high end bali's for resale with quantity pricing. We also wanted the new bali maker to have a high quality kit they can finish off to their preference and have a great flipper with their name on it.

We believe someone with no previous knife making experience can finish this bali kit and have a flipper that is competitive at nearly any level. There will be at least a few hours and possibly several hours in finishing work to do on this bali but it is straight forward and entirely up to the bali maker. We left this kit as generic as possible to give the maker as broad a canvas for creative finishing as possible but to have the highest tolerance fit and finish possible.

We use a PB (phosphor bronze) bushing set up. Shorten the bushings to .001" over your blade size and washer stack and you can dial in the flipping tension to your style with out worrying about over tightening the screws. We strongly suggest you look at picking up one of Pivot Laps that allow you to get the bushings to with in 1/2 of one thou easily and with highly precise square edges.

This kit uses custom blade and latch pivots with the traditional rounded over (sexbolt) look.

The blades are double disc ground and then precision ground and heat treated. We added a SWEDGE for a bit of detail to the blade. The finish is satin.

The edge of the blade was left to .020" thick. The final sharpening is left to you. This way you start with a trainer blade in place and when you are ready, you put the final edge on the blade. (We can fully sharpen the blade upon request for a $10 fee. Put a note in the comments when you check out.)

What you should expect in the kit:

All hardware will be included. All holes will be drilled. You will find the blade is wrapped in paper to prevent significant scratches but maybe some minor scuffs and and light scratches from the manufacturing process. The small hardware will all be bagged separately. You can assembled the kit in minutes as is and start flipping but you will find the fit is loose and the hard edges on the G10 (or Kirinite or Carbon Fiber) scales harsh.

What you should expect needs to be done to finish the kit:

This is a kit. It will require some work on your part to get looking fantastic. The blade profile will need to be cleaned up from water-jetting. The handles will need to be drilled (if you want) or at least the edges relieved. You can polish out and scuffs from manufacturing. The latch fit will be very tight. This is intentional to allow for cosmetic sanding around the edges of the scales. You might want to clean up the tang pin notches but only a light cleaning and polish here or you will loosen the latch. If you drill lightening holes, expect the handles to have some spring to them - which will help "loosen" the tight latch. If after you have made all of your modifications and the latch is still too tight for your preference, sand or file lightly under the bottom of the latch top to loosen it up. If you take off too much, we will be happy to sell you a replacement latch. Don't take off too much. We aren't giving those things away.

The blade should be in good shape but you might have some minor sanding or finish work to your preference on the blade.

These will not be flawless. This is a kit. If you want flawless, buy a completed custom for $500 or more.  

What tools will you need to finish the kit:

At the very minimum, a T6 screw driver is all you need to put it together. It will be loose, floppy and kind of un-good. Don't blame us. Remember this is a kit (have we said that enough?) and some finish work is required. You will probably want to drill holes in it so some decent drill bits and drill press. A hand drill will work but don't expect your holes to look as good as a full production knife.

The single best tool you will want is a Pivot Lap.This tool will allow you to shorten the bushings to within 1/2 of 1 thousand of the blade washer stack. You will have perfectly square edges and bring a degree of precision to your bali assembly only found on high end balisongs. You can dial in the tension to exactly your preference.

Once you have the (optional) holes, inlays or whatever installed, you will need some sand paper. Consider getting 120 for relieving the edges and then 240, 400 and finally 600 or 800 grit depending on your final finish preference. When sanding the Ti, some material is lost and you can expect the latch to loosen a bit. Take care not to ruin the latch fit up.

Some guys like to buff and anodize their Titanium Bali's. When buffing the Ti, some material is lost and you can expect the latch to loosen a bit. Take care not to ruin the latch fit up.

The absolute minimum you will need is a T6 screw driver and at least an assortment of sandpaper from us or from your local home center store.

What is the warranty?:

It will come to you with out any manufacture defects. If you find any parts are initially defective, we will replace them. We will not replace any broken or damaged parts from improper assembly, customizing or flipping damage.

Will you ship this Internationally?:

We will not ship these internationally unless you send us an email stating you will take all responsibility for loss in transit, theft or customs in your country seizing this item. There is no restriction exporting these. The issue is with the receiving country having these confiscated by their customs agents or stolen in transit. We will not replace any lost, stolen or confiscated international purchases. We will note these on the customs declaration as kit knife. We do not maintain any list of which countries allow these to be imported. That will be up to the purchaser to know their countries import restrictions.


What if I buy one and don't like it?:

If you purchase one of these bali kits and aren't satisfied, immediately return it in sell-able condition for a full refund.




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