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Book - Dictionary of Leather-Working Tools by R.A. Salaman

Book - Dictionary of Leather-Working Tools by R.A. Salaman

Book - Dictionary of Leather-Working Tools by R.A. Salaman

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Made in the USA

Dictionary of Leather-Working Tools
and the Tools of Allied Trades

R. A. Salaman

In this marvelous book, Salaman describes and illustrates every tool used in the leather-working trades in Great Britain from about 1700 until the present time, and explains its purpose—all told, he covers over 1,100 different tools. As Dr. Daniel Preston comments in his preface to this reprint, “There is not now, nor has there ever been, such a complete compendium of arcane, irreplaceable, and wonderful leatherania in the English language.”

Covered here are tools of the Bookbinder, Boat and Shoe Maker, Driving Belt Maker, Furrier, Glove Maker, Handbag and Purse Maker, Harness Maker and Saddler, Hat Maker; and, among the miscellaneous trades, the Ball Maker, Coach Trimmer, Felt Maker, Last and Boot Tree Maker, Parchment and Vellum Maker, Taxidermist, and more besides. There are chapters on leather manufacture and on tools for the decoration of leather.

With its great wealth of information and impeccable scholarship, this book is invaluable to leatherworkers, tool collectors, and industrial researchers alike.

400 pages. Completely illustrated. 7 x 10. Soft cover. © 1986.

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