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DVD Scripture Damascus with Raymond Rybar

DVD- Scripture Damascus with Raymond Rybar

DVD Scripture Damascus with Raymond Rybar

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Scripture Damascus

Raymond Rybar has been an Artist/Blacksmith for over thirty years and has won countless blade awards for his bold Damascus patterns and intricate Mosaics. His latest inspiration for his work comes from the Bible and is centered on Biblical themes. The King of Kings Sword, The Crucifiction Sword, and The Gospel of John Sword are just a few examples of this Mastersmith's work. In the DVD Ray will take you step by step and teach you the skills that are required to create this type of beautiful work, from pattern selection, pattern welding to forging to intorducing letters, numbers, words, and figures in the length of an entire billet. Learn these extremely sought after skills from a tru Master of this era. 

Ray Raybar - "If are is my master it will be my idol. If it is my servent it will be my ministry"

(Running Time: 2 Hours 5 Minutes)


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