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DVD Free Form Forging with Uri Hofi

Free Form Forging with Uri Hofi

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  • Free Form Forging with Uri Hofi
DVD Free Form Forging with Uri Hofi

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Made in the USA

Free Form Forging
with Uri Hofi

Uri Hofi forging dozens of elements using the Hofi die system on the Big BLU 110. Step by step descriptions. Over 40 elements are explained and forged.

100 minutes, DVD only

Uri Hofi is an Israeli smith born in Haifa Israel in 1935. Before becoming a blacksmith, Hofi worked in agricultural work in Israel and Africa as an agricultural engineer. He also established and managed the Mabatoo Art School in South Africa. After Hofi met Alfred Habermann at the 1984 ABANA conference in DePere Wisconsin, USA, he decided to take up the art of blacksmithing. In 1987 he founded the EIN-SHEMER forge in Israel.

In 1989 Hofi demonstrated at his first major conference, BABA in Great Britian then Halpshtein, Czechoslovakia in 1993. In 1994 he demonstrated at the ABANA conference in St.Louis, MO and then at every major conference in North America for the next 5 years. Since then he has been teaching at blacksmithing schools in the US and Europe as well as his own school at the Shemer Kibutz in Israel. In 2004 he returned to the United States to demonstrate the Big BLU hammer and the his system of free hand power hammer forging.

During the past 20 years Hofi has been developing his methods of smithing and teaching smithing.

Left, Uri Hofi on Big BLU at ABANA 2004

Having started smithing late in life but having experience in manual labor, machine design and production he questioned everything. As a result he wanted tools that performed better and suited modern sensibilities. He studied the tools others made, adopted the best ideas, added his own and tested until he was satisfied. The result was popular trademark tools that are made by Hofi as well as copied by others.
The Hofi Anvil photo (c) 1998 anvilfire news The Original Hofi Hammer The Original Hofi Hammer
Hofi is as stubborn and opinionated as they come but he is usually right. He is one of the best demonstrators in blacksmithing today. His demonstrations move fast and display many techniques. His demonstration of the Big BLU and the Hofi QC Die system at the 2004 ABANA convention was the best attended vendor demonstration and drew more people than several of the big venues. The quantity of pieces produced in the relatively few demonstration hours was amazing.

QC Die system His forging and teaching methods have evolved and today he teaches the making of various elements that can be used in whatever combination the smith's imagination chooses. He says that if you give him a person for week he will return someone that can make money for you immediately. He teaches hand forging methods starting with how to hold the hammer and address the anvil as well as power hammer forging techniques.

An important part of what he is teaching is the use of properly shaped dies for free hand forging on the power hammer. His crown dies and interchangeable die system are a revolution in blacksmithing. A few other smiths have used these methods but Hofi has perfected die shapes for the small power hammer. He has created a system of dies as well as a collection of elements that can be quickly and profitably forged.

If you get a chance to go to a Hofi demonstration or take one of classes, don't miss it. You will not be disappointed and no matter what your skill level you will learn something.

Uri Hofi is scheduled to teach hand hammer classes at the Center for Metal Arts in Florida, NY and power hammer classes at the B² Power Hammer School. Big BLU Hammers is organizing a group trip to spend a week at Hofi's school in Israel. Let us know if you are interested.


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