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Monarch ShokRes (TM)

Monarch ShokRes Sheet

Monarch ShokRes (TM)

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Monarch ShokRes Sheet

Monarch ShokRes (TM) SCALE 5/16" x 1.5" x 6"

Regular Price: $50.00

Special Price $25.00

Monarch ShokRes Sheet

Monarch ShokRes (TM) Sheet 5/16" x 6" x 12"

Regular Price: $150.00

Special Price $75.00


Monarch ShokRes (TM)


ShokRes (TM) is a urethane based resin.

ShokRes(TM) will have colors and metalized pearl added for shimmer and depth.

Sanding and grinding is similar to hard wood. Avoid excess heat when grinding or sanding to keep any curl to a minimum.  This material will take and show a high polish when sanded to 400 to 600 grit range followed by buffing.


** Pictue shows front and back of a sheet. One side has been sanded to show the pattern and the other side has the "skin" from the manufacturing process still on. All of the sheets will have different pattens, no 2 sheets/scales are the same. **

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