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Gorilla Glue White 2 oz

Gorilla Glue White 2 oz

Gorilla Glue White 2 oz

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Gorilla Glue White 2 oz

-100% waterproof
-2X faster
-Expands 3X in the materials


When I tested 2 dozen different glues several years ago, before I got in the supply business, I tested Gorilla Glue. It out performed nearly every other glue hands down. This stuff has amazing strength. It activates by exposure to water. Wet one side and apply glue to the other side of a joint and clamp tight. Wipe off any foam that oozes out. I use this stuff where ever I can because I know for a fact how strong it holds. 

Tip: Gorilla Glue is a urethane and nearly all urethane glues "go off" with moisture. They will foam up. The foam has zero structural holding ability. You will need to clamp this until the glue sets.

Tip: When you open the bottle, this urethane will start to go stale. To keep the shelf life longer, squeeze as much air out of the bottle as possible before sealing it off with cap. The bottle will be all scrunched up but chances are the glue will still be "fresh" for many months after you open it.

Tip: One last tip. This glue will stain your skin. You will not be able to wash away the stain. Trust me on this one. Wear gloves.

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