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Tandy - E Easy-Carve Concentrate 8oz

Tandy Easy-Carve Concentrate 8oz

Tandy - E Easy-Carve Concentrate 8oz

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2249-01-M.JPG Pro-Carve Concentrate 8 oz
2249-01 Case your carving leather with Pro Carve for deep, dark tool burnishing, with less effort and almost effortless carving. Penetrates even the thickest hides quickly, allowing you to begin working in a very few minutes. Try it , you'll stop casing with water.

Tip: Pro Carve works very well. I keep solution mixed up in a trigger spray bottle. When bending leather into a pouch, I spray it both on the inside and outside. This helps the leather fold a little easier and prevents the smooth side from cracking. You can be stamping leather in minutes using this solution instead of waiting all night to case leather in your refrigerator.

Leather working tools and supplies for sheaths and holsters.

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