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-Concealex Coyote Brown .093"x12"x12"

-Concealex Coyote Brown .093"x12"x12"

-Concealex Coyote Brown .093"x12"x12"

SKU: .093" Concealex Coyote Brn 12x12



Concealex (tm) is very similar to Kydex (tm) but it is actually Boltaron

  • 12"x12" squares
  •  Coarse mat finish. Virgin material.
(used to be listed as OD Green but did not match that color, this color matches our Coyote Brown products)

Kydex, like Concealex is a brand name and both names are used interchangeably in the knife business. The products are slightly different in composition but only to a chemist. This is Boltaron which is marketed often under the name Concealex. 

Confused? Me too. 

Tip: Go to Wal-Mart and buy the blue foam sleeping pad in the sporting goods department. It's what you use under your sleeping bag. Double up a couple layers and glue them to some boards. Attach these boards to a cheap wood vise and you have your Kydex press for under $30. To form this stuff, use a paint remover heat gun, around $20. Heat it on high setting moving the heat gun constantly. When the plastic gets as limp as cooked flat pasta, put the knife in, fold it over, put it in your press and squeeze. Allow it to cool for a minute and you got your first 'Kydex' sheath started. Throw in some rivets to fasten it. Don't bother trying glue. It just doesn't like it.

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